Sunday, October 14, 2007

Around the world in 60 seconds - Info International Island

No time to travel around the world to see the various cultures? Now, you can do it here on SecondLife at the Info International Island. The island is part of the bigger Info island group, where you can learn about all kinds of things on your own and get help from the friendly librarian staff, but I am disgressing.

The island is full of beautiful builds representative of different countries. Come visit the Chinese cafe, or taste the Italian beer, or enjoy the Spanish salsa dancing. Each place has been meticulously researched by the staff and built to the finest details. Furthermore, it is fully integrated to external web to provide for a true multi-media experience.
Too young to get excited by learning new stuff? No problem. Info International island also offers fun games. Try the game for scavenger hunt where you track down answers to the list of questions. Or try the picture game where you guess at where various pictures were taken.
The Info International island can be found at Info International 123, 239, 34

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