Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pirate Themed Amusement Park

Now you can relive your childhood fun at the Amusement Park without having to leave the comfort of your own house by visiting the Gateway Night Club - Mall - Amusement Park - it trully beats waiting the hours of driving and hours of waiting in line just to enjoy minutes of physical thrills.

At the park, you can ride the waterlog roller coaster, you can ride the rocking pirate boat, you can joy the race track, you can do many many many things.

Some rides are free, others have a nominal charge of a few $L, but hey, this is a lot cheaper than a ticket to a real amusement park, and you don't have to wait in line, so it is all worth it.

When you get tired from your virtual exertion, be sure to drop by the refreshment stand to give your virtual body a much needed rest.

But why have all the fun by yourself alone? Bring your virtual date to the park for a great time! Double the people, double the fun.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's time for Treasure Hunting

Ever dreamed of being a treasure hunter when you were little? Now, your dream can come true!

The last 10 days of every month brings together a group of diverse people with different backgrounds but a common goal - to find the hidden treasures placed in over 30 different locations all over the world of Second Life.

Everyone starts at location #1 with the first clue. With luck and persistence, you will find the first treasure, along with a landmark to location #2 and a clue. This adventure then repeats itself until you find all the treasures and the clues.

Along your treasure quest you are bound to run into other treasure hunters to share your joy or misery. You can choose to help each other out, or you can just make this your own personal demon to occur and work on your own. However, sooner or later even the best of the treasure hunters may need help - a friendly shout for help in the Treasure Quest group will gladly be answered by those who have already solved the puzzle.

The November 2007 Treasure Quest just started and will last till end of November. To be part of this exciting adventure, go to Bunyip 108,556,446.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Tower Inferno - Fire Department in Second Life

Most people will not choose a life full of danger with little reward, but at the SecondLife Fire Department (SLFD), you will find the exact opposite - people love to risk their lives fighting dangerous fires.

The SLFD, located in the city of Bodhisena, is a role-play organization specialized in fighting various types of fires - high rise building, sewer, restaurant, etc. Not only the location varies, the type of fire also varies - there is class A fire extinguishable by water, and class B fire extinguishable only by foam. Use water on class B will quickly spread the fire.

But fighting fire is just not simply spraying into the fire, you also need to water your body temperature, watch your oxygen, and watch where you step. Ignoring any one of these can get you kill very quickly.

New comers can join SLFD and start at the Probie level. After taking classes at the SLFD Academy to learn how to fight fires and to operate the equipments, they will then graduate to become a qualified fire fighter.

If you love role-playing, SLFD is not a place to miss.

Monday, November 12, 2007

CNN has come to Second Life!

CNN has finally come to SecondLife!

The CNN iReport HUB is located in the Future Sim, part of the millions of us umbrella island. The millions of us organization is dedicated in bringing real-life entities to secondlife.

The CNN iReport HUB consists of an interview room, a stadium, an iReport info hub, and plenty of open space to foster socializing.

But CNN is more than just a place, it also has a public group called "SL iReporters" that anyone can join. iReporters can file report on SecondLife news to For more information about being an iReporter, check out the information hub.

So, what is CNN doing in SecondLife? According to this news article, CNN wants to find out more about virtual world. As an iReporter, you can help.

Who knows? May be CNN will one day do an interview in SL at their interview room. Hopefully, it won't be like the CNET diasterous interview with Anshe Chung.