Sunday, December 9, 2007

United Federation Starfleet

There are many starfleet organizations in SecondLife - StarFleet Command SecondLife Quadrant, Raven Fleet, but the one I like most is United Federation StarFleet.

UF Starfleet, located at Starfleet Sector001, consists of a single-island SIM with modern buildings, scenic relaxation areas and memorials, a volcano, a 19-th century merchant boat, and last but not least, multiple space stations high up in the sky.

The organization offers a variety of activities - very professionally presented educational classes, role-playing, partying, or just general socializing. Unlike the SFCSLQ which has a concentration of power, UF Starfleet trully has many officers holding many different ranks and responsibilities.

I recently took some pictures of the SIM and created a youtube video.

Let's see what's out there in space and in virtual world

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