Monday, November 12, 2007

CNN has come to Second Life!

CNN has finally come to SecondLife!

The CNN iReport HUB is located in the Future Sim, part of the millions of us umbrella island. The millions of us organization is dedicated in bringing real-life entities to secondlife.

The CNN iReport HUB consists of an interview room, a stadium, an iReport info hub, and plenty of open space to foster socializing.

But CNN is more than just a place, it also has a public group called "SL iReporters" that anyone can join. iReporters can file report on SecondLife news to For more information about being an iReporter, check out the information hub.

So, what is CNN doing in SecondLife? According to this news article, CNN wants to find out more about virtual world. As an iReporter, you can help.

Who knows? May be CNN will one day do an interview in SL at their interview room. Hopefully, it won't be like the CNET diasterous interview with Anshe Chung.

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