Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's time for Treasure Hunting

Ever dreamed of being a treasure hunter when you were little? Now, your dream can come true!

The last 10 days of every month brings together a group of diverse people with different backgrounds but a common goal - to find the hidden treasures placed in over 30 different locations all over the world of Second Life.

Everyone starts at location #1 with the first clue. With luck and persistence, you will find the first treasure, along with a landmark to location #2 and a clue. This adventure then repeats itself until you find all the treasures and the clues.

Along your treasure quest you are bound to run into other treasure hunters to share your joy or misery. You can choose to help each other out, or you can just make this your own personal demon to occur and work on your own. However, sooner or later even the best of the treasure hunters may need help - a friendly shout for help in the Treasure Quest group will gladly be answered by those who have already solved the puzzle.

The November 2007 Treasure Quest just started and will last till end of November. To be part of this exciting adventure, go to Bunyip 108,556,446.

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